How would you feel if you belonged to a community full of like-minded people who helped solve your business challenges?


Peer Support

Gain your own personal board of directors. 


Inspiring you to reach your full potential.

Resources & Tools

Enabling you to show up & secure perfect clients.

Ending the cycle of completing the same fruitless business-building activities (day after day) that suck the passion and profit out of you.

Imagine the possibilities of your hard-working success…

When new, perfect clients chase you.

When you earn the money you know you’re capable of.

When you create the financial abundance you deserve.

Introducing the Thrive Think Tank!

Attract more clients. Increase your profitability. Achieve more in a day. And have a bigger impact on the world.

Be Better Than Good!

This Think Tank is for you if you’re working SO hard in your business, but…

You’re not making the money you know you can.

You’re struggling to create the financial abundance you desire.

You’re tired of chasing after new clients.

Maybe you have TOO MANY clients and feel overwhelmed because of CONFLICTING PRIORITIES.

Well, you’re not alone…
you’ve found, your people


Hi.  We are the Thrive Experts.

We created the Thrive Think Tank to bring like-minded people together to support, encourage and solve business challenges.

With over 20 degrees & certifications, and 40 years of combined experience in the human services and peak performance, we can help you move forward with lasting change. This is because we leverage proven research-based applications in the areas of psychology, coaching, change management and the science of well being.

Our combined 40 years of experience tells us that high performance is achieved when action is taken to obtain coaching, mentorship and counselling.  Typically there is no one program that will offer all of these services in one place.  Until now.  The Thrive Think Tank offers the above plus training, cutting edge techniques and your own Board of Directors.

Despite being passionate knowledgeable and confident that we could positively impact clients’ lives


We Struggled to grow our Businesses. 

We either had too many clients & felt OVERWHELMED or not enough clients & felt FRUSTRATED.

You see most business owners struggle to share their message, to attract the clients they want, and to make serious money.

That’s because they…

  • Don’t have the right systems in place.
  • Are lacking a network of support.
  • And aren’t clear on what to do next to grow their business.
But here’s the underlying problem…

Many people buy into the LIE that signing just a few more clients will fix their problems.

That’s actually NOT true.

To overcome your business challenges you MUST flip your focus and complete the right activities, so you can serve more clients without incurring additional overwhelm.

The Thrive Think Tank helps you do this.

By enrolling in this program you get access to our tools and insights enabling you to build a business that’s better than good…

  • Within 4 weeks of registration, you will receive a Thrive Success Box that invites you to be better than good.
  • As a group, we meet for one, 3 hour Think Tank intensive per month.
  • You and Jennifer J. have a 30 minute coaching session together to support positive change between intensives.
  • You and Jen S. have a 45 minute counseling session to address the inner critic between intensives.
  • You have email access to both Jennifer J. and Jen S. to address specific challenges as they arise.
  • You have access to a private Facebook community created for the members of the Think Tank to encourage collaboration and wisdom-sharing.
  • You have a reservation at the all inclusive two day retreat – location TBD – at the end of the Think Tank.

Well, you’re not alone…
you’ve found, your people


Your Investment

Option #1

One payment of $7500.  Payment made at time of registration to secure your seat.

30 day money back guarantee (minus $250 administration fee).

Option #2

Three equal payments of $2,633.33.

Payment 1 at time of registration to secure your seat.

Payment 2 made by April 15. Payment 3 made by May 1.

**Both Options include: 30 day money back guarantee (minus $250 administration fee). $1500 cash bonus will be reimbursed to you upon confirmed registration of a friend/business associate to the Thrive Think Tank program.

Payment options

Bonus if you register now!

Because we believe in this program so much, we are inviting you to bring another business professional to the Thrive Think Tank. As a thank you we will take $1500 off of your investment so that you can reinvest directly into YOUR business. We have invested 100s of 1000s of dollars over a combined period of 40 years in learning and development to learn how to launch and run a successful business. We have also invested 100s of 1000s of hours into attending courses, working with coaches, and being a part of masterminds ourselves. We know how to be productive and increase profitability. We look forward to meeting you in the Thrive Think Tank.

Get Your Seat Now!

You don't want to miss the chance to Be Better Than Good! 


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